Category: Operators

Extensions that provide new operators not falling into any of the other categories.

Advanced Reporting Extension
This extension adds operators to insert data from RapidMiner processes into pre-formatted and desigend excel sheets. Any formatting, charts, etc will be preserved and updated to show the new data.

Converters Extension
This extension contains a number of operators designed for converting different IOObjects into other useful representations.

Linked Open Data Extension
Extension to use data from Linked Open Data in RapidMiner, both as input to the data mining process as well as for adding background knowledge to existing problem.

Mannheim RapidMiner Toolbox
The Mannheim RapidMiner toolbox contains operators from various categories; ranging from slightly modified implementations of original operators to new preprocessing and learning operators.

Model Management
The Model Management extension provides operators to keep track of various different models and their predictive performances.

Model Visualization Extension
Operators provided by this plugin allow user to display scatterplot visualizations of data together with their models and therefore perform a sensitivity analysis of the models. This allows human user to understand especially the blackbox models better - this includes complex models such as neural nets, however, the plugin is suitable for any PredictionModel.

Names Processing
Parse Name Structure, Extract Gender, Origin from Personal Names.

Operator Toolbox
This extension couples some useful additional operators together.

Optimization Extension
The optimization plugin for RapidMiner aims to introduce mathematical optimization based learning capability to RapidMiner. An unconstrained optimization problem, which is called learning or training in machine learning can be solved with different algorithms.

Parallel Processing Extension
Note: This extension is no longer supported as of RapidMiner Studio 7.2! The Parallel Processing Extension adds new versions of some RapidMiner operators to your data mining system which will perform their tasks in parallel. With this extension you can easily improve the execution speed of many analysis processes by performing sub-processes and sub-tasks in parallel on a multi-core machine.

Python Scripting
The Python scripting extension integrates RapidMiner with the data scientist-friendly and widely used programming language Python and allows to embed Python code into RapidMiner processes.

R Scripting
The R scripting extension integrates RapidMiner with the well-known statistical language R and allows to embed R scripts into RapidMiner processes. Requires Studio 6.4 or newer!

RapidMiner Cryptography Extension
Unleash the full power of cryptography directly from within RapidMiner!

RapidMiner Finance and Economics Extension
The Finance and Economics Extension for RapidMiner gives you quick and easy access to over 150,000 finance and economic time series data sets and more. You can also transform and analyze the data using various financial operators included in the the operator set. Integrate stock, index and other time series easily into your RapidMiner workflow.

RapidMiner Radoop
RapidMiner Radoop is a code-free environment for designing advanced analytic processes that push computations down to your Hadoop cluster. You need a specific license to use this product.

Recommender Extension
This extension adds two new set of operators to RapidMiner which can be used for item recommendation and rating prediction.

Reporting Extension
This extension adds new operators to RapidMiner which can be used to generate reports consisting of tables and visualizations generated by RapidMiner.

Series Extension
This plugin provides operators for processing value series. A huge variety of preprocessing steps is possible including transformations such as Wavelet and Fourier Transformation as well as methods for extracting features from series.

Statistics Extension
The extension contains the set of most frequently used methods from the field of descriptive statistics for complementing the advanced analytics methods in RapidMiner with a set of more commonly known methods. It adds distribution tests, survival curves and descriptive methods in a way, that everything can be seamlessly integrated with any RapidMiner process, including Web Apps and Reports with the Advanced Reporting Extension.